About Communicate Science


Communicate Science is the nexus for all my interests in science, technology, and science communication.  From here you can contact me for professional services and link to my popular science
Zoonomian blog and astrophotography blog Darkroom Matter.


I'm available for writing, broadcast, and photography commissions and bring a strong strategy and project management background to engagement work. I'm also interested in 'Sci-Art', virtual worlds, and history of science projects.

About Dr Tim Jones


Since the mid 1980s, I've worked in university and corporate research, as a manager and technical editor for an international industry association, and held a range of technical and commercial management positions related to the steel and automotive industries. I hold a PhD in chemical engineering from Birmingham University, an MBA from Warwick, and an MSc in Science Communication from Imperial College. In 2008, I left industry to focus on my passion for science and technology and to share that enthusiasm with others as a freelance science communicator.

I live in the Malvern Hills with my wife Erin.